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Identifying opportunities for growth and new market positioning

Business challenge & project objectives
A leading assistance brand approached Equancy to help them create a strategy for developing the group’s payment card products in 11 countries, including established and emerging markets.
The two main aims of the project were to identify the markets and clients that offered the main opportunities for growth, and then to build a marketing and sales strategy to take advantage of them.

What Equancy did

We developed a growth strategy for the client to expand their presence in their target markets, including an analysis of which markets and customer segments to focus on as high priority, and which services to market to them. Relevant aspects included:
  • Each country was prioritized according to its potential as a growth opportunity. This included an analysis of the main socioeconomic indicators present in the country, as well as the existing use of payment cards, regulatory environment and evolving consumer needs with regards to payment cards
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape in selected countries, including a focus on the leading brands (financial services and other providers) in the payment card industry: evolution in market shares, increase in the number of cards distributed and services included with each, traditional and new distribution networks and use of distribution partners
  • Benchmarking of the differences in services offered between the client and their competitors, exposing potential commercial opportunities
  • Creation of a relevant, differentiating entry strategy per selected country, including services to market, best partners to approach, and relevant distribution networks


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